Representative Prince Chestnut Calls For Automatic Voter Registration

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Montgomery, AL. – During the Alabama House Democratic Caucus (AHDC) weekly Wednesday Press Conference held February 16, 2022, Rep. Prince Chestnut (D-Selma) discussed his sponsorship of HB257 which would allow for automatic voter registration in conjunction with obtaining, updating, or renewing a driver’s license or non-driver identification card.

Advocating the bill, Rep. Chestnut stated, “We all know that the same types of identifying documents are required in obtaining a driver’s license and registering to vote, so why not do both things at the same time? That’s what makes automatic voter registration innovative. It’s not some radical or risky change, but it’s a common-sense improvement that will make it easier for voters to update their information as it changes.”

Rep. Chestnut continued, “To be clear, automatic voter registration would benefit all Alabamians no matter how they vote or regardless of their political party. That’s one way we can improve our elections process and ensure that more citizens participate in our democracy. Innovation is not only how we make a more perfect Union, it’s also how we build back a better Alabama. That’s what House Democrats mean when they say they are, ‘Pro-Growth, Pro-Innovation, and Pro-Alabama’.”

The AHDC Press Conference, including remarks from Rep. Pebblin Warren (D-Tuskegee) and Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham), can be seen in its entirety by clicking the following link: