Representative Neil Rafferty Denounces “Permitless Carry” in AL House Democrats Weekly Press Conference

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Montgomery, AL. – During the Alabama House Democratic Caucus weekly press conference that was held Wednesday, February 2, 2022, Rep. Neil Rafferty (D-Birmingham) strongly denounced the permitless gun carry bill, HB4, sponsored by Rep. Shane Stringer (R-Citronelle). The bill is currently being considered in committee.

Rep. Rafferty remarked, “Permitless gun carry is not “Pro-Alabama”. In fact, it is “Anti-Alabama”. What it actually means is that over 6,000 people who were denied permits last year due to prior criminal offenses or mental health issues would now legally be able to carry a concealed gun. That doesn’t make our neighborhoods safer, it makes it more dangerous for everyone. Polls and surveys have consistently shown bipartisan support for gun permits and background checks because they make sense and they work. A bill like permitless gun carry is not Pro-Alabama because the inevitable outcome will be more dead Alabamians.”

Rep. Rafferty further stated, “I strongly oppose permitless gun carry because it will only increase the amount of gun violence and deaths that we already face in Birmingham and throughout the nation. In Alabama, there’s 6,000 good reasons to make bad guys, or mentally unstable people, apply for a permit to carry a concealed gun. There was a compelling and legitimate reason that each one of those applicants was denied.”

The press conference may be seen on Facebook at or directly through this YouTube link at Details will be forthcoming regarding the next press conference scheduled for February 9, 2022 at 1PM CST in the State House Press Room and virtual links will be provided for the media and interested citizens.