Representative John Rogers Sponsors Bill Requiring Safe Gun Storage

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Montgomery, AL. – During the Alabama House Democratic Caucus (AHDC) weekly Wednesday Press Conference held February 16, 2022, Rep.John Rogers (D-Birmingham) discussed his sponsorship of HB326 which would prohibit a person from leaving or storing a gun in an area in which a minor is likely to have access. Furthermore, the bill would hold the gun owner responsible if the weapon was improperly stored, which then resulted in the injury or death of another person.
Rep. Rogers stated, “This isn’t any sort of attack on gun rights or the Second Amendment. This bill is about nothing more than responsible gun ownership and ensuring that deadly weapons stay secure and stay out of the hands of our young children. We have laws on the books right now that hold adults accountable and liable if they make alcohol easily accessible to minor children and it’s common-sense that we do the same thing when it comes to firearms.”

According to Rep. Rogers, “Too many of our young people in Alabama have become victims of gun violence. This is a small, but innovative, step that helps define what it means to be a responsible gun owner without infringing on anyone’s constitutional rights. Like my colleagues have said so many times before in this legislative session, this is another example of what it means to be ‘Pro-Growth, Pro-Innovation, and Pro-Alabama’.”


The AHDC Press Conference, including remarks from Rep. Prince Chestnut (D-Selma) and Rep. Pebblin Warren (D-Tuskegee), can be seen in its entirety by clicking the following link: