Statement from House Democratic Leader Rep. Anthony Daniels Responding to Governor Kay Ivey’s State of the State

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“As we enter this legislative session, we hope that all our colleagues realize the power of cooperation and consensus can and should extend beyond party lines to accomplish great things for the people of Alabama. Tonight, the Governor spoke about some areas where we should be able to do this including ensuring our hard working educators and state employees receive long overdue raises.

My hope is that finding areas of consensus is the rule this session, not the exception. As Democrats, we are returning to Montgomery in this spirit, ready to work together in the interest of all Alabamians because we don’t have to look far to find issues, questions, challenges, and concerns that merit real scrutiny and discussion because they have a real and lasting impact.

While the House Democratic Caucus will formally announce our agenda in the coming weeks, there are several issues we are incredibly focused on.We hope this session we will all focus on addressing ways to ensure that every student gets a first-class education from pre-K to college, trade school or beyond, the thousands upon thousands of children who will be without health insurance if Congress fails to protect the CHIP Program, the issues being created by our hospitals -especially in rural areas- closing, how we anticipate and prepare for economic changes so that Alabama’s workers are prepared to take advantage of opportunities in emerging job markets and how we promote entrepreneurship and innovation.”