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Senate Bill 92, which was passed last week in the Senate and we expect to see in the House in the coming days, would dramatically reduce the number of weeks unemployed workers could receive assistance. (from 26 weeks to a range of 14 to 20 weeks depending on the unemployment rate). This would have a devastating impact on our state’s workers and their ability to obtain a stable well paying job and put a further enormous strain on their families. The purpose of the unemployment benefits program is to provide income support enabling unemployed workers to provide for their families while looking for new jobs, and to help maintain consumer spending—the mainstay of the local and national economies. This legislation would undermine those very goals.

We must not cut our workers off at the knees at the very moment we can help put them on a trajectory to success. Sign our petition to help urge your legislators to VOTE NO on Senate Bill 92.

Petition Against SB92