Sign the Petition to Keep Guns Out of Our Schools

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In the wake of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14th, Rep. Will Ainsworth of Guntersville has proposed a bill that would allow teachers to carry guns in school. Guns in schools are a bad idea for our children. Here’s why:

Children get their hands on everything. In a study that appeared in the journal Pediatrics, Geoffrey Jackman and a group of his associates asked twenty-nine groups of two to three boys, most of whom were around ten-years-old, to wait for fifteen minutes in a room with a one-way mirror. Two water pistols and an actual .380 caliber handgun were partially concealed in various locations in the room. The handgun was rigged to make the sound of discharge when the trigger was pulled with sufficient force. Forty-eight out the sixty-four boys found the handgun. Thirty boys handled the gun. Sixteen boys pulled the trigger. Allowing guns in schools puts our children at risk.

In a country with fewer than 350 million people but more than 310 million guns, we don’t need more of them. And when it comes to our schools, we don’t need guns at all. Sign our petition to keep guns out of our schools.

Sign the Petition to Keep Guns Out of Schools