Petition to Amend the Expungement Law for Innocent People

alahousedems Petition

The Alabama House Democrats recognize that expungement helps restore people’s records if their case is dismissed. We recognize that there is a system that exists where people who have been falsely accused may end up owing money to the judicial system without being found guilty. We would like to amend the current expungement laws and policies to make it so that people who have been falsely accused or that have committed no crime do not have to endure a financial hardship for something that they did not do. We submit that charging people who are innocent to maintain or restore their integrity is tantamount to taxation without representation and is a mockery of the declaration of “innocent until proven guilty.” If you believe that people who are innocent of a crime should have any record of criminality expunged from their record immediately and free of charge, please sign this petition.

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