Health Care.

HB432 | MOORE: This bill would expand the Medicaid program, in light of our on-going and rural health crisis and the pandemic facing the nation, to provide assistance to all persons for whom matching funds are available to the state under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

HB431 | HALL: This bill would extend the period during which a pregnant woman who is eligible to receive medical assistance under Medicaid may continue to receive Medicaid assistance from 60 days to one year after giving birth.

Voting Rights.

HB 37/82 | HALL: This bill would expand persons eligible for the restoration of voting rights by simplifying the process of applying for a Certificate of Eligibility to Register to Vote and eliminating the requirement to pay fees and fines.

HB 38/84 | HALL: This bill would establish inmate identification cards as a valid form of identification for absentee voting.

HB 180 | CLARKE: This bill would authorize an early, no-excuse, in-person voting period. Early voting would begin the Saturday 17 days before election day. Polls must be open at least 4 hours between 7am and 8pm with at least 2 days being until 8pm.

HB 396 | HALL: This bill would allow no excuse absentee voting; would allow the absentee election manager to appoint additional assistants to assist with absentee ballot applications; and would eliminate the requirement that absentee ballots be postmarked the date prior to the election.

HB 438 | CHESTNUT: This bill would automatically register qualified voters upon turning 18 years of age.

HB433 | RAFFERTY: This bill would allow for same day voter registration.

CHESTNUT*: This would establish an independent redistricting commission.  * Pending Introduction


HB 97 | MORRIS: This bill would require mental health awareness to be included in the annual training session for employees of each K-12 school, encouraging a safer learning environment for our children.

HB 208 | WARREN: This bill would require public school students to successfully complete kindergarten before being admitted to the first grade.

HB 199 | ROGERS: This bill would establish an Alabama Lottery to fund education and general fund programs; create an Alabama Lottery Corporation; establish the lottery trust fund; and ensure that the lottery proceeds will not supplant or replace existing education revenues.

DANIELS*: This bill would establish universal Pre-K across the state of Alabama. * Pending Introduction

Small Business/Economy.

HB 320 | LAWRENCE: This bill would provide a cost-of-living increase for state employees for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2021.

HB 172 | DRUMMOND: This bill would require the newly established Office of the Chief Procurement Officer and the Secretary of State to collect data relating to women and minority-owned businesses in the state and determine the proportion of procurement contracts awarded to small and disadvantaged businesses.

HB 251: This bill would establish a procedure by which wireless providers would be authorized to collocate, mount, or install small wireless facilities on existing poles, or install new poles on the right-of-way of the state or any agency, county, or municipality thereof.

HB 442 | MOORE: This bill would phase out the state sales and use taxes on food by reducing the rates by one percentage point over a four-part reduction schedule beginning October 1, 2021.

Criminal Justice Reform.

HB 107 | ENGLAND: This bill would revise sentencing standards in certain
circumstances. This bill would repeal the Habitual Felony Offender Act and
provide for resentencing for defendants whose sentences were based on the
Habitual Felony Offender Act.

HB 226 | ENGLAND: This bill would expand the expungement of criminal records to include convictions of certain felony offenses, traffic violations, municipal ordinances, and misdemeanor offenses. This bill would increase the filing fee for expungements.

Social Justice.

HB 115 | JACKSON: This bill would designate the third Saturday in June of each year as Juneteenth National Freedom Day to remember the abolition of slavery throughout the US and its territories in 1865. It would further require the Governor to issue an annual proclamation recognizing the important contributions of African Americans to the state. Further, it would allow public schools to offer instruction and programs regarding Juneteenth.

HB 149 | HATCHER: This bill would designate the nineteenth of June as the state holiday of Juneteenth and would require the Governor to issue an annual proclamation honoring this observance. It would allow each county and municipality to elect whether or not to observe Juneteenth as a holiday.

HB 8 | GIVAN: This bill would authorize local governments to remove certain historical monuments. This bill would require transfer of ownership to the Archives and History of the Alabama Historical Commission for public display under the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2017.

HB 307 | HALL: This bill would amend the Elder Abuse Protection Order and Enforcement Act to redact contact information from court documents released to the public and allow an elderly person of sound body or mind to hire legal counsel.

HB 352 | RAFFERTY: This bill would provide workplace protections against pregnancy discrimination.

Law Enforcement Reform.

HB 106 | ENGLAND: This bill would require the Corrections Department to make quarterly reports to the Joint Legislative Prison Oversight Committee. This bill would provide for the reporting requirements and would revise the correctional officers oath of office.

HB 286 | COLEMAN: This bill would define racial profiling and prohibit officers from exhibiting racial profiling by requiring law enforcement agencies to adopt policies that prohibit racial profiling. This bill specifically relates to traffic stops, the handling of complaints, and the reporting and collection of data on injuries to state and local law enforcement officers.

HB 411 | McCAMPBELL: This bill would establish a law enforcement officer employment database. This bill would require law enforcement agencies to report complaints, disciplinary actions, and background information on officers to the Alabama Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission.

  • House Democrats have introduced legislation to accomplish each of the key aims in the legislative agenda.

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