Alabama House Democrats Find Success During Challenging Legislative Week

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March 19, 2021

Montgomery, AL- During a challenging week in the Alabama House of Representatives, Democrats were able to find success with the passage of HB441, sponsored by Rep. Artis “A.J.” McCambell (D-Marengo) which, if enacted, would be a first step toward increased police accountability in Alabama. The bill would establish a law enforcement employer database. Included data would be useful in ensuring early intervention to identify potentially problematic officers and to support those officers with training or other resources to avoid major issues in the future. The database also offers important information on disciplinary actions to guide law enforcement agencies making employment decisions.

Rep. Tashina Morris (D-Montgomery) passed her first sponsored bill, HB97, which would provide mental health awareness training for K-12 educators. This legislation would make schools safer by ensuring that guidelines and protocols are observed and followed when dealing with people, especially children, who may present symptoms of mental illness.

Alabama House Democrats voiced strong objections to several Republican bills that were passed along party lines in the House yesterday. House Democrats opposed: HB391, which would ban transgender students from participating in school sports; HB237, which would criminalize abortion doctors in extremely rare medical situations; HB445, which would give police broad, subjective authority to arrest protestors; and HB285, which would ban curbside voting in Alabama.

Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels commented, “The most concerning thing about this session has been the efforts of the majority party to fast-track voting bills that will either have the effect of suppressing votes or may have unintended consequences in the future. We simply don’t understand why Republicans are trying to make voting more difficult for people, especially in the context of COVID-19. Democrats will continue to fight to make voting in Alabama more accessible, secure, and safer for everyone.”