Alabama House Democrats Applaud Education Budget, Propose Law Enforcement Reforms

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Montgomery, AL. – The Alabama House Democratic Caucus (AHDC) held its weekly Wednesday Press Conference on March 9, 2022, featuring Representatives Mary Moore (D-Birmingham), Sam Jones(D-Mobile), and Juandalyn Givan (D-Birmingham).

Rep. Moore opened the Press Conference discussing Vice President Harris’ comments during the commemoration of the “Bloody Sunday” civil rights march in Selma, Alabama. Rep. Moore remarked, “I was deeply moved by the poignant words of Vice President Harris who said, ‘Today, we stand on this bridge at a different time. We again, however, find ourselves caught in between. Between injustice and justice. Between disappointment and determination. Still in a fight to form a more perfect union.’” Rep. Moore added, “We can do better. Yes, we can. We can move from being ‘caught in between’ and move deliberately toward building a better Alabama that embraces inclusion, diversity, and the promise of prosperity for everyone.”

Rep. Jones applauded the historic $8.1 billion Education Trust Fund budget that was passed by the House and gave credit to the Biden administration for Alabama’s recent economic surplus. According to Rep. Jones, “We finally have a windfall and now we can temporarily afford to adequately fund the programs we know we need for our children. But, the real question remains, “How does Alabama intend to fix these problems moving forward?”

In addressing the ‘policing for profit’ situation that was recently exposed in Brookside, Alabama, Rep. Givan explained her sponsorship of HB315 which would make it a crime for law enforcement to misrepresent the police jurisdiction of a municipality. Rep. Givan stated, “It’s just one small step to hold law enforcement accountable and to prevent the types of abuses that were clearly happening in Brookside” Rep. Givan continued, saying, “We will continue to fight to eliminate vestiges of racism and oppression and stand against efforts to exploit or prey upon the poor and disadvantaged. We know that no one is free when others are oppressed. We know that justice for some– is not justice for all.”

Rep. Moore closed the Press Conference before addressing questions from the media saying, “So, I stand proudly with those who understand that we don’t have to be ‘caught in between’. We can continue to move Alabama forward and the truth is that we must, not just for today, but for the promise of a better future for our children. I stand with those who are willing to do the hard work that we were sent here to do.”

Throughout the Press Conference, the Representatives continued to advocate the Alabama House Democratic Caucus Legislative Agenda entitled, “Pro-Growth, Pro-Innovation, Pro-Alabama” which focuses on specific legislation to improve economic growth, affordable healthcare, education innovation, voting rights, and justice for all.

The AHDC March 9, 2022 Weekly Press Conference may be seen in its entirety by clicking the following YouTube link:

The next AHDC Weekly Press Conference will be held March 17, 2022 and a press release with details for in-person or virtual attendance will be sent early next week.